We are your #1 source of Laminated Posts, Poles & Columns for Pole Buildings & Sheds and Post Frame Buildings. Located in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada.

What makes our posts special?

The bottoms are PWF treated!

The tops are #2 Spruce or better!

Our posts are strong! They are pressed together, glued and then nailed with 4" nails!

We use only hot dip galvanized nails!

We can make your posts 2x6 or 2x8 3 ply, or 2x6 or 2x8 4 ply, up to 32 feet long!

Manufactured right here in Western Canada!

Delivery Information

We have two roller trailers, and deliveries can be arranged anywhere in western Canada. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding delivery.

"The Brut" Skid Steer Post Grabber


We are an authorized dealer of The Brut and we carry stock so we can supply our Canadian customers quickly and hassle free. Contact us about a rental! please visit www.brutpostgrabber.com for more info

Hillier Manufacturing Inc.

What Laminated posts can be used for:

- Upright Columns for Post Frame Buildings

- Headers for doors, windows, and other spans

- Treated skids for outdoor buildings and sheds

- Beams or horizontal members for decks

Our Laminated Posts can be used for almost any wooden structural application requiring posts or beams. The great thing about ours is that they are customizable (example: Custom webbed posts for a riding arena)

Laminated Post Useful Fact:

A laminated post has better weather treatment than a solid lumber post of the same dimensions because the pressure treating doesn’t penetrate fully through a solid post.

Western Retail Lumber Association Member

Hillier Manufacturing inc. is a proud member of the
Western Retail Lumber Association and we are at the trade show every January!

We very much encourage you to come visit us at the tradeshow.